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The Bedroom Tax is ill-thought-out and we oppose it.

It's set to hit over 100,000 households across Scotland from 1st April this year as a result of the UK Government’s welfare reform plans.

We want Scottish Ministers to act and protect Scotland's tenants who are under threat.

We have set out a three-point plan to ask the Scottish Government for:

  • a guarantee that no-one should be evicted for Bedroom Tax arrears
  • no-one to be deemed intentionally homeless if evicted for Bedroom Tax arrears
  • make up to £50 million available this year to protect social landlords from bankruptcy

Read the press release urging the Housing Minister to Set Aside £50 Million to Protect Social Tenants from the Bedroom Tax

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Sign our petition to ask the Scottish Government to set up an emergency summit of social landlords to agree measures for protecting Scotland’s tenants from the Bedroom Tax

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And, it will cost us more

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How the bedroom tax is affecting you:

Frightened tenants need reassurance that they are not going to lose their homes because of this 'Draconian' reform
Penalising people for having an extra room assumes that there is a ready supply of smaller or shared properties for them to move to. This is simply not the case across Scotland.
It's time the Westminster Government reversed this mean-spirited reform and sent the bedroom tax to 'never-never land' where it belongs